You Are Not Alone Book

photo-of-cover“Your child has cancer” – four of the most devastating words you can hear. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, sibling or friend, it can be a very isolating experience.

But you are not alone. Unfortunately, so many others have been through this and are there to help you, whether you need advice, a listening ear, or a hug. No one can understand like those who have been in your position.

Contributor Jane McCaul and her daughter

Contributor Jane McCaul and her daughter

They have sat in the same chair as you and faced the same fears and uncertainty. They too, have felt overwhelmed and alone. But they can, and will, support you now.

No one will experience your cancer journey like you will. Your experience will be yours and yours alone. Personal and unique. You can ask 20 people the same question and get 20 different answers. But within those 20 you will find one, if not several, responses that will resonate with you. So even though you will be fighting your own private battle, you will never be alone.

As you read the stories in You Are Not Alone it is our hope that you will feel encouraged and uplifted and a little less afraid of what is in front of you. You might be relieved to find tips for surviving long hospital stays or surprised to see the positive outlook adopted by so many.

This book is not intended to give any medical advice or in any way override what your medical team is advising you. Instead, it’s strictly a compilation of real life stories, thoughts, and experiences from parents, survivors and grandparents who have been through this and are now on the other side. The survivor side.

  • Sharon Perfetti, Cool Kids Campaign Co founder & Executive Director

If you are a family member of a pediatric oncology patient we are happy to provide you a copy of You Are Not Alone completely free of charge. Please email info@coolkidscampaign, with your treatment center, name, and address.