Teacher Testimonials

[quote style="1"]"The competition was a perfect end to the presentation! The kids absolutely loved it and really enjoyed themselves. They walked away with more vocabulary and knowledge about weather and that’s what we work to do every day … give them something new. We cover a weather unit in 5th grade, so this program was perfect!"[/quote] Ms. Folio
5th grade teacher
Essex Elementary

[quote style="1"]"The 3rd and 4th grade students at Jones Elementary in Severna Park sat in excited anticipation as they were introduced to Mr. Justin Berk, meteorologist.  Then Mr. Berk began his presentation and the students were hooked! From lightning safety to why we haven't had the amount of snow this year that we thought, the students listened, laughed, asked great questions, and learned many new things.  Then the competition began.  Even students who were not participating excitedly cheered for their friends and their teachers.  Who would blow the fastest speeds? Who raised the most money? It was a great experience having Mr. Berk talk to the students!  I am looking forward to having him again in the near future! Thanks again for all that you did to make this happen for us at Jones!  It was a great experience."[/quote] Kristy Wiggins
4th grade teacher
Jones Elementary

[quote style="1"]"What an easy, organized, curriculum-based 'in-school' field trip with Justin Berk's Wind for Change program. Our students were actively engaged in learning about the weather and storm safety, while experiencing altruism, raising $2,700 for the Cool Kids Campaign. We're looking forward to having Justin back again next year! Thanks so much."[/quote] Jo Downey
2nd grade teacher
Ebb Valley Elementary School

[quote style="1"]"Our students enjoyed meeting and learning about weather from Justin Berk. After his visit, we had amateur weathermen and women updating us on daily weather patterns. Our students were touched by his perseverance through the experience and many have started to take part in local fundraisers for various cancer cures. Thank you for bringing science to life and encouraging a shared sense of humanity for our students. And thank you for including our school and students in Justin’s message to the public."[/quote]
Jennifer Cherneski
5th grade teacher
Taneytown Elementary

[quote style="1"]“The students in grades 3rd through 6th excitedly prepared for the opportunity to have Justin Berk visit our school by raising funds for Cool Kids Campaign. We were NOT disappointed! Justin’s informative and engaging presentation complemented and expanded on our weather studies. After the presentation, we all participated in the wind challenge – and found that we had many 'gusty' students and even a few tropical storms! Justin provided a great educational experience while our students were grateful to be personally involved in this important fundraising project to aid students who are facing cancer." [/quote] Karen Reed
New Covenant Christian School

[quote style="1"]"Justin has visited our school 3 years in a row and the excitement keeps building. His presentation on science and weather is hands-on and child-friendly ... the students really love it! In addition to the educational presentation, students get a taste of the power of helping others and are extremely motivated by the competition format that Wind for Change presents. No matter if they end up being a gentle breeze or a tropical storm, every kid enjoys giving their all to help children with cancer." [/quote]
Ken Mihalyov
Science teacher
West Middle School

[quote style="1"]"Justin has presented at East Middle four times now and each time I learn something new. His ability to captivate and hold the attention of 130 seventh graders is amazing! The kids and adults learn so much about the weather, and the excitement during the contest cannot be beat. Cool Kids Campaign and Wind for Change are the perfect partners to bring hands on learning experiences as well as community outreach to our students. This is definitely an amazing partnership." [/quote] Jen Goffena
7th grade Math Teacher
East Middle School