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1798606_592364647507310_1873572499_nSEASON 7 IS ABOUT TO BEGIN! Wind for Change is a classroom education program and fundraiser for Cool Kids Campaign coordinated by Meteorologist Justin Berk. Justin will visit your school, teach your class a complimentary science lesson about weather, and coordinate a wind speed fundraising contest among students. His presentation is easily adjusted for various ages, and can be tailored to emphasize current classroom topics. Justin finds this program works best with grades K-8. In just 6 years of conducting Wind For Change, Justin has raised over $125,000 for Cool Kids Campaign as kids collect pledges for their wind speed!!

How Wind For Change works:

See it on video! (click image)

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Two Weeks Prior to Visit
Two weeks before Justin visits your school, teachers explain the Wind For Change contest to students and ask for participants in a wind speed contest. Participating students then take home a Wind Speed Pledge Sheet and solicit pledges from families and friends. Sponsorships start at 50¢ per mph. Students can also collect a flat donation of $5 or more to participate.

Part 1 of the visit - The Science Lesson
Justin's 45-minute science presentation covers a wide range of weather-related concepts. Certainly his most popular segment with students is extreme weather, interspersed with videos, photos and Justin's narrative of safety tips and forecasting techniques. Justin keeps his slide deck infused with current events, including pictures of satellite launches and recent storms.

A handheld anemometer

A handheld anemometer


Part 2 of the visit - The Wind Contest
After the science lesson, those students who had agreed to participate in the wind contest beforehand are given two chances each to blow into a hand-held anemometer to register the highest wind speed they can. The competition is simple and teachers and students get passionate about it! (Involves technique and lung power; top speed in a pre-K class is around 20 mph, while Justin's personal best is 52 mph!) A video is below, and more photos and videos are posted on the Wind For Change Facebook Page.

Part 3 of the visit - The Winners!
After the wind speed contest, Justin announces which student collected the most pledges and who recorded the highest wind speed. Every participant is presented with a personal certificate with their name and highest speed. Kids have a week to collect and return pledges to school. We provide a prepaid envelope with a tracking number to the teacher to easily forward the funds to Cool Kids Campaign.

Student Incentives!


In addition to the students’ participation in the wind speed contest, each school is given the chance to win a pizza party for their entire class by pledging to fundraise and collecting donations. The scale to win a pizza party is dependent upon the number of students participating in Justin’s lesson.
TOP INDIVIDUAL PRIZE: *The student that raises the most out of ALL the school visits for the year will win four (4) free Orioles tickets!*

How to invite Justin to your school

Justin prefers Wednesdays (but is flexible) and a start time between 10am and 11am. Email with your name, school, phone number, and date and time you're considering. Justin is not able to teach individual lessons in one day and prefers an assembly format, so that all students from various grades can hear the science lesson and participate in the wind contest.

Justin's school calendar availability

For the 2016-2017 academic year, Justin has 17 potential spots for school visits. See our scheduling page for more info. If you are interested in speaking with a teacher who has used Wind For Change in his/her classroom, please email and we would be happy to connect you. Justin is proud to say that MANY of the schools he visits invite him back! Read a few Teacher Testimonials we've gathered from participants.