The Stories Between

Stories Between snipThe Stories Between is free tribute website born partially from our experiences with the Cool Kids families we have worked with over the years. While 80% of pediatric cancers are curable sadly some are not. We have sat with families during hospice and spoken with them at length after a loss. Universally, the need to keep their child's spirit and memory alive and the desire to continue conversations around their life are deep.

The Stories Between allows anyone to create a page to gather and share stories and photos of loved ones. These pages continue the celebration of their life while creating an archive for future generations.

MacKenize snipCool Kid MacKenzie Stuck was one of our inspirations for The Stories Between. MacKenzie was an inspiration to so many during her 13 years and it was important to celebrate her life and archive her stories and memories in one spot for future generations. To view MacKenzie's Stories Between page and to create your own for family members click here: