Full Family Mentoring Program

Welcome to the Cool Kids Campaign Full Family Mentoring program. It is our goal to offer families who have received a pediatric oncology diagnosis the chance to connect with those who have already been through the experience.  And since we all acknowledge that the diagnosis affects the entire family, our mentor program includes patients, parents and siblings.

Another unique aspect of our Full Family Mentor program is that each person seeking a mentor is able to choose for themselves who they would like to work with.  Every mentor has their photo and bio posted below along with preferred methods of contact. You can peruse and read about each potential mentor and their experiences and then contact whomever you choose directly.  Please respect their preferences regarding method and time of day.

Our Full Family Mentor program is rooted in the desire to just “be there” for the new families without adding even more paperwork to your already growing pile of forms and details.

We hope that you enjoy and benefit from this program.


View our mentors here!