Care Packages

Care packages for kids with cancer are sent directly to their homes in our effort to make their day a little brighter as they open up a box of surprises. Packages are assembled specifically for a child's age and interests by volunteers in our office in Towson, Maryland. If you know of a child with cancer who might enjoy a Cool Kids Care Package, please download the form below and return it to us. We must first verify that the child is a pediatric oncology patient. Provide hospital contact information or a letter from the child’s life/social worker.

Request a care package for a child!

1. Download the PDF here.
2. Fax, mail, or scan/email the completed form back to Cool Kids Campaign, attention Sharon Perfetti,, fax # is 410-560-1775.

Asyian Shern - Brunswick, MD - Copy

“We received our Cool Kids Care package this week and it brought beyond smiles n joy to our family! I'm so blessed as well as Asyian is to be part of such a great campaign.”

~Melissa, Mom to Asyian from Brunswick, MD



“We received our package today!!! Thank you sooo very much for everything. We got it after a long day at the hospital for chemo, and Logan's brothers were thrilled that there were cards and treats in there for them as well. They were so happy to see their names inside We appreciate the smiles!!!

Blessings, The Finney family”



Olivia Valentin - Kissimmee, FL

“My beautiful daughter Olivia was diagnosed with Rhabdomysosarcoma at 6 months. She is now 8 months and is just the happiest little girl. We thank you for her care package. As you can see she can’t wait to use her new toys.”

~Heather, Mom to Olivia from Kissimmee, FL


Joshua Moore - Ocala, FL

“BIG THANK YOU for the surprise care package from COOL KIDS CAMPAIGN!!! You made Joshua really sooo happy today!  So cool to receive get well cards, toys, stuffed animals, Legos, gift card from Walmart, Riddles book that he loves, etc. from other kids & families we don't even know! Thank you for cheering us up!”

~Loida, Mom to Joshua from Ocala, FL



"Connor received his package today and is sooo excited. Everything in it is perfect!!! His siblings were excited to have a little something in there for them too!!! Thank YOU so much!!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!"

~ Tammy, Mom to Connor (Age 8) ALL



"This is Jenna S. (right) and her big sister Tori. Jenna has A.L.L. Leukemia. After a two-day stay at the hospital for a fever, we came home to this wonderful box of goodies from Cool Kids Campaign! Thank you so very much for putting a smile on her beautiful face!"

~ Shannon from Frederick, MD



"This is my daughter Dryden wearing her cap which she received the other day! She loves it!! Dryden is a cancer survivor. She finished treatments for A.L.L. (leukemia) on January 18th, 2013. She is 5 years old. Thanks again for all you do!"

~ Shannan from Tacoma, WA



"Thank you Cool Kids for our care package!! Tre' was the most excited I have seen him in a long time. I am attaching a picture of Tre' with all of his fun things. I cannot express enough how thankful we are. This has been one of the hardest things we have ever been through, and you guys made all of us smile today. We are on our way to Outback for a family dinner!"

~ Shanika Mom to Tre (Age 11) ALL


"Camron received his package today and loved everything inside! Couldn't have came at better time as his 3rd birthday is Sunday! Thanks times a million!!!" Xoxo

~ Julianne Mom to Camron (Age 3) pre-B ALL




"Thank you so much for the package. My daughter was SO excited about the blanket and all of her goodies. It really made her day (and mine). Thanks for everything you do for all of the kids and their families!!"


Denise E Mom to Hailey E (Age 5) pre-B ALL



"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for bringing joy to the boys with the care package. Caden (on left) and Ryan (on right) were so excited to get personalized cards and all the gifts. Caden has been sleeping with the blanket each night. Ryan wears his ‘Cancer Fears ME’ head cover quite often in support of his brother’s fight against Leukemia. We are grateful for the support from your organization! Thanks again"

~Eldersburg, MD


"A surprise package arrived from Cool Kids Campaign for Addison. It was filled with things like a nerf gun, checkers, and an ocean puzzle. Things that are perfect for him!"

~Boulder, CO





"My daughter, Hannah received a wonderful box full of goodies from Cool Kids Campaign today. She just loved it!!!! Thank you for taking the time to put together such a thoughtful box of treasures. Hannah and her brother Zach, immediately grabbed the board game and had the best time playing together. It was so great to see them laugh and play together! It is a nice reminder that we need to slow down and play some good ol' fashioned board games together! Thank you so much for the thoughtful gifts!"



Sean just received his awesome package this Saturday, and he loved it. Here are a few pictures of Sean opening his box for you to use on the website. Thanks for the support, the gift box was great and was a real bright spot for Sean after his chemo and LP the day before.




"Hi To All My New Friends at Cool Kids Campaign. My name is Samantha and I got a cooooooool package today--Hurrah! Hurrah! What a great surprise and it was my first day of school. I love all my chapter books--reading is one of my favorite things to do. And my MP3 Player is awesome--I can't wait to listen to my favorite songs. I just have to learn how to use it! My Mom Lisa and my Grandma Sharon love their shirts, too. As my new shirt says, CANCER FEARS ME! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hugs from Samantha PS We want to thank you for sending the wonderful package to Samantha. She was thrilled and so were we. God bless everyone at Cool Kids Campaign."


"My daughter, Skylar, received her Cool Kids Campaign Care Package the other day. We can't thank you enough for putting a BIG smile on Skylar's face! Anytime we see her smile and feel special instead of feeling different and in pain is a WONDERFUL day! Thank you for having such an AWESOME organization! It makes me feel like there are people out there who actually CARE!!"

~ Pamela H.


"Thank you so very much — I am completely overwhelmed!!! Your package arrived over the weekend and we decided to wait until this morning to open it to give us something to look forward to after Connor's big brother and sister left for school. Connor excitedly ran home from the bus stop to open his present. He has been playing ever since!! The Under Armour bag is so cool - wait until Megan and Ryan see it!! It will now become his new hospital bag for special toys. Connor LOVES the Matchbox set. We've never seen a "pop-up" play set before. It will be PERFECT for the hospital bed. Connor plays with cars and trucks for hours while sitting in bed-this will be a whole lot of added fun!! He's also already planning to wear his new football PJ's tonight in honor of the Raven's game. Finally, I can't imagine how you knew Chili's is our favorite family restaurant! It's the one place we can go and all find our favorites. Thank you for bringing happiness to our family today."

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