Learning Center

The Cool Kids Learning Center is a unique blend of a tutoring and activity center.

Why It's Needed

Cancer renders a child’s immune system too weak to attend school regularly, and when they do go to school, they may feel differently because of bald heads, medical ports and fatigue. Yet inside, kids with cancer are still regular kids who want to fit in, have fun, be part of a group, and believe it or not - attend school like all other kids their age!

Mommy & Me Preschool Session - every Tuesday 10-11 am
More details: Mommy & Me

Team Sibs - first Thursday of every month
Get the full schedule: Team Sibs

Core Program Overview

We currently offer the following programs 100% free of charge to both current and former patients. Click each program or browse the menu to the left of this page for more details.

  • Personalized academic tutoring for grades K-12
  • 'Mommy & Me' session every Tuesday at 10 am
  • Teen Club "Teens.CanSur.vive" - Open to teens ages 13-19 currently in treatment or in remission
  • Team Sibs (first Thursday of the month) - a program for siblings of kids with cancer trying to process it all; kids and parents break off into separate sessions for talk and activities
  • Parents Night Out / Kids Movie Night In - Periodically hosted for our Cool Kids families and includes free dinner and a movie! Parents of kids with cancer can drop off their kids for a well deserved night out while we feed and entertain the kids here in our Cool Kids Learning Center.

Meet our tutors!

Who do we serve?

Our target group is the outpatient population from three Baltimore area hospitals that treat pediatric oncology – Johns Hopkins Hospital, University of Maryland Medical Center and Sinai. Between them, approximately 235 children are newly diagnosed with cancer every year. Given the two to three year treatments that go along with childhood cancer, this translates to over 500 children being treated for cancer in the greater Baltimore area annually. We work hard to serve as many children as possible while allowing for steady, controlled growth.

Mission & Goals

The core focus of the Cool Kids Learning Center is to address the academic and social implications of childhood cancer. Our primary goals are to:

  • Provide educational support so kids continue to perform and re-enter school at grade level
  • Make available the social and extracurricular activities lost to the disease during these formative years

Our vision for the Cool Kids Learning Center reinforces what we have always set out to do: remember that kids are kids whether they are healthy or sick! Kids just want to fit in and have fun, and our sincerest hope is that the Cool Kids Learning Center will be a safe, secure foundation on which to build their lives after cancer.

Ways You Can Help

The Cool Kids Learning Center kicked off in October 2011. Our small staff always appreciates donations of your time or talent! If interested, here are a few ways to help: