Sponsor A Care Package

A great volunteer opportunity geared towards teaching younger kids the value of giving back.

The Main Idea

You and your child will help us put together a Care Package for one of our Cool Kids! We try to match child volunteers with a request from the same gender and close in age Cool Kid. For example if your child is a 10 year old boy, we would try to find a request sent in for a child of the same gender and close in age.  This allows the young volunteer to really think about what type of toy items would cheer up our Cool Kid.

Two ways to sponsor a care package:

  1. You and your child come into the Cool Kids Campaign office and create the care package using our supply shelves. The child volunteer picks the toys to include, writes a card of encouragement, seals the box, and mails it that day!  As a sponsor we just ask that you cover the cost of the Care Package supplies by making a $50 donation.
  2. You and the child volunteer take the request home and go out shopping for the toy portion only of the Care Package.  A card of encouragement is also written at home.  When you return to the Cool Kids Campaign office with your items, we'll combine them with some other goodies every child receives from the foundation. As you generously donated the toys, there is no further contribution required, and the foundation will gladly cover the cost of postage.

How to become a sponsor

email Victoria with your name, phone number, and which of the above sponsor options you were interested in. She'll work with you through the rest of the process.

Sponsor A Care Package!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a card of encouragement?
How long do we have to shop for the items?
How much money do we have to spend on toys?