Baltimore Color Run A Huge Success

Thank you Baltimore Color Runners

The 1st ever Baltimore Color Run was held on Saturday, May 11th. For our Cool Kids and their families, the race was more than just a chance to have fun and get covered in color (although that is a welcome side effect). When The Color Run organizers announced that we were the charity recipient, we knew we wanted to show Baltimore there was more to childhood cancer than just numbers and statistics. That is why when runners passed the yellow color zone on Saturday we made sure they knew just how special those volunteers were.


Among those gathered to throw color on some 25,000 people was a special little boy named Thomas. Just two days prior to the race doctors told Thomas and his parents that he was officially in remission - meaning they could no longer detect cancer in his body. For Thomas and his family the Color Run represented one big party to celebrate this amazing news.

[quote]"This was one of the best days of my life." ~ Thomas S. (childhood cancer survivor)[/quote]

Pulled up on stage and recognized by Cool Kids Campaign Executive Director, Sharon Perfetti, the crowd swelled with cheers and applause as Thomas's news was shared.


Thomas on stage at the post-race celebration

Watch The Crowd's Reaction to Thomas's News

Thank You Baltimore

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Baltimore. To the runners who so clearly showed their support of our cause, to the volunteers who woke up early and stayed late to make this event happen (Thursday and Friday as well!), and to our Cool Kids and their families for once again sharing their stories with the world. A special thank you to Amanda and her team at The Color Run for putting on such an amazing event and for letting us be a part of it.

More Pictures

We have tons of great photos from the event. Check out:

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