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Wind For Change

Your school can participate in meteorologist Justin Berk’s Wind For Change program to raise money in support of our free programs for kids with cancer. Justin will visit your school for a free weather presentation and then conduct a wind speed contest between classmates as the fundraising component. His presentation is easily adjusted for various ages, and can be tailored to emphasize current classroom topics. Students LOVE the contest and helping kids with cancer! Learn more about how your school can sign up for next school year here.

tour 1Third Party Fundraisers

Do you want to help out Cool Kids Campaign and you don’t know how? How about hosting a third party fundraiser to benefit our Cool Kids! Hosting your own fundraiser can be easy AND fun! Check out these easy steps to having a third party fundraiser. For more ideas, check out some details on the current third party fundraisers being held to benefit Cool Kids Campaign! THANK YOU to those who are putting together third party fundraiser events for Cool Kids Campaign!

Thank You, Sponsors!
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